What is the Blue Apple Breakdown


I’m super excited you have landed here.
Just by clicking on the link to this blog I think you are a Blue Apple.
But what does that really mean?
I often get asked, why the Blue Apple?
My response is usually, why not?
I mean seriously, have you ever seen a Blue Apple?
I haven’t.
I walk down the rows and aisles of grocery stores, farmers markets, and even speciality food empires and I never see blue apples.
Blue apples are unique. They are special. They are unforgettable. But if I had to guess, they started as green or red apples and so did you.
You see, school hallways are filled with teachers, apples if you will.
I experience lots of red ones and green ones and yellow ones.
These teachers are really good, just like the apples.
Healthy. Vibrant. And changing lives.
But every once and a while I see a Blue Apple teacher.
They blow my mind with revolutionary ideas, extraordinary activities, and incredible attitudes.
Blue apples have:
This blog is dedicated to those three pillars.
Each week I will breakdown the 5 days of awesome that happened in my classroom, school, and life.
It is my hope that you will find passion, purpose and positivity in the pictures and passages.
Then, you can plant a seed in your education world to grow some blue apples too.
Want to post your Blue Apple moments?
Do it!!!!
Use the hashtag #betheblueapple on social media to connect yourself with all the other incredible apples that have been harvested in education.
Can’t wait to grow with you!
With passion, purpose, and positivity,