Week 1 of Awesome

I am not very good at the letter cut-out machine. In fact, the thought of creating a new bulletin board or door decoration gives me a little anxiety. And then I am reminded that kids do judge books by covers and students do judge classrooms by door decorations. So there it is, my quirky and puny attempt to bring kids in. I really am “fired up for smore learning!” I want to welcome kids in with open doors and an open heart and this AWESOME door decoration is a great start.

I had new school shoes I really wanted to wear on the 1st student day. They are shiny and super hipster and would have sounded really squeaky on the freshly finished floors. Then I was reminded,  not all kids got a fresh pair of kicks for the new academic year. So I dug in my closest and found a trusty old pair of Chucks. Not only are they wildly school spirited, they are well loved and scuffed up in the coolest places. As I walked down the halls instead of looking down at all the new school shoes, I looked up at all the smiling faces eager for an AWESOME year. 
I love getting to know students! The 1st day of school calls for an AWESOME game. Essentially, kids share one thing that is unbelievable. This one fact is the foundation for building relationships for the whole year. Today’s round was different. For the first time ever, I was left speechless. A girl casually announced she has three nipples. Then the middle schoolers lost their minds! 

Lockers can be a huge point of frustration for students… and teachers! Here are some common reasons why kids can’t open lockers: oversized binders, unnecessary accessories, lack of WD40, and finally… no idea what their combo is! But today I only used my locker key… one! Boom. AWESOME. I turned that key patiently and sympathetically knowing that soon, all kids will have this down and I can retire my key until next year. Or…. until next quarter when their are papers exploding out of them so much they get jammed again.  


The completion of the first week of school can sometimes feel like a tornado. Teachers look a little wind blown by then too. But there is no better way to end and AWESOME first week then a full blown rock concert with 850 students. What a great way to celebrate the start of the year and set the tone for the greatness that is yet to come. 

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