Week 2 of Awesome

How does the moon get his hair cut? Eclipse it! (Da-Da-Da!) Ok, maybe that was a cheesy joke, but I couldn’t resist considering this week students, teachers, and schools all across the country witnessed some history, science, and a darn good time! My team of teachers had no students during the optimum viewing period so we had some nice bonding time as we put on the wildly attractive ASA approved protective glasses. You know, people said it would be wildly eerie and quiet, that wasn’t the case for it. Turns out it was wildly loud and smelly since the best view of the sun was next to the jumbo school AC and dumpster. Despite the sounds and smells. This was an AWESOME event! 


I love me some custom student work. It is even better when it comes with a piece of candy tapped to it! Today a student delivered a special new can for me to hold all my magical popsicle sticks in! However, my favorite part was the handmade “bleacker” as the student called it. You know, “because scientists always use “bleackers.” I’m not sure what was more precious, the AWESOME gum or the AWESOME innocence.

Sometimes it takes students 6 new copies, 2 phone calls, and 1 GIANT sharpie message all the way around their arm to remember something important. The final deadline for an important document was approaching and Ms. Genta was getting antsy. I need one signed document to have the entire class checked off. Just 1 more student…. so desperate times called for desperate messages. I simply suggested somebody text him a reminder, somebody shoot him a SnapChat, somebody give him a post-it. Moments later, I walk around  and I find this AWESOME reminder! I died laughing and gave him a high-five for taking it to the next level. PS- he totally had it with him the next day!

 In school field trips are an under utilized activity. Sure, heading places like Space Camp and 6 Flags are incredible, but what about using destinations that are right on campus? Today my advisory family took an AWESOME trip to the office area to talk to the secretaries and wish them a wonderful day and let them know they are doing a great job! While we were down there, we strolled by the Principal’s door and had a moment. Turns out, our “family photo” was hanging on his door. That pic was snacthed the previous day, right as he had entered to hang with us for a second. Now the kids are pumped about being famous(ish).


Science demonstrations, you really never know how those are going to go. That is why you give your student volunteers fair warnings that things could go poorly and they could end up a hot mess. Putting a trash can nearby is never a bad idea. Giving them safety glasses is always a good idea, even if there is no danger involved, putting goggles on is a huge symbol of style. Today a classic demo went a little cra-cra when we went for it. Round pencils, hexagon pencils, mechanical pencils, flat pencils from the Home Depot. Why not? It made for one AWESOME science experiment and one really, really, really wet student. Who totally enjoyed every second of it!


 Extra Credit 
Some mornings you work out and it’s lack luster. And then some mornings you work out so hard you get the greatest sweat marks ever on your gray t-shirt. (I love gray t-shirts so much. Gray goes with every color shorts. But beware: there is no such thing as subtle sweat when wearing gray). Today I took the most AWESOME spin class ever at the local Y. It was nearly as good as a Soul Cycle session. When I got home I looked in the mirror and knew right away what I was wearing to school. Teachers, hope you totally slayed this AWESOME week!

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