Week 4 of Awesome

Holidays that call for no school call for productivity in other areas of life. I basically feel like Labor Day is a day that is meant to remind teachers of all the tasks they had planned on completing during the summer, but never quite got around to. For me, this meant waking up at 4:27 a.m. and meeting with an AWESOME financial planner and life coach. I once read the best way to predict your future is to plan for it. BOOM! Wisdom was just dropped. Do you have a retirement account set up outside of the TRS (which we could end up collecting very little of)? Do you have your dreams on paper and a path to get there? Next holiday, use the day to accomplish goals all before a real school day would even begin!


I like hats. I especially like party hats. Teachers wear a lot of hats. Educator. Mentor. Friend. Peer. Leader. And laminator changer. Ok, so maybe not all teachers get to wear that party hat, but I do. As technology director of the school I am in charge of cool things like the WIFI being down and teachers accidentally unplugging their computer monitors. My favorite tech task… changing the lamination (said no one ever). It literally makes me sweat due to extreme heat and frustration. I also need ov-gloves to use the thing so my finger tips don’t get burned off. With that said, it is an AWESOME feeling knowing you are helping every teacher in the building laminate all their extremely important bulletin board borders and NCAA Final 4 brackets…

Welcome to our AWESOME school. Who doesn’t enjoy a little open house right? Lots of handshakes and only a few slightly awkward introductions. This week marked the annual opening of the doors to adults and students after academic hours. There is something about being in a school when it is dark out that makes it seem both special and a little edgy. I truly do love meeting the important adult figures in my students’ lives. Not only does it totally cause so much to make sense, it also creates a pretty cool foundation for building relationships as the year continues. With a huge smile and a whole lot of positivity I throw out high-fives and energetic greetings like they are candy. And when a teacher isn’t able to be there, I just grab the selfie stick, connect with them on FaceTime and introduce them to every parent as they pass by. (That totally happened and I highly recommend trying it)

I’m not very good at spelling, Im actually really bad!  Like, can’t even pass a 7th grade spelling test.  But I am very confident you spell teacher like this F-L-E-X-I-B-I-L-T-Y. This week I took on the role of administration while both administrators had to be out of the building. All I have to say is OMG. On a lot of different levels, really. OMG- I learned a ton! OMG-I’m really thirsty because I talked more today then I do in my classroom and I didn’t even know that was possible. OMG- that was really fun and different. OMG I am so grateful for experiences like these. OMG-schools are AWESOME. Such an enlightening experience. And just for the record, I’m pretty sure flexibility actually has another i at the end.

I was back as subsittue principal again today and it was an even bigger learning experience than the day before. The amount of unique situations that pop up in any given day blow my mind in a really cool way. However, why don’t schools have a reality series on TLC? It would be a ridiculous hit! Today, I got to focus on some extreme student success and it was beyond AWESOME. Meeting with kids to support the teachers who referred them, to then discuss gold slips and truly celebrate how great they are…that is what incredible school districts are all about!  This kiddo above made my day, no doubt! He couldn’t have been more thrilled and was bursting with excitement for the recognition. His adorable, sheer joy in our conversation gave me pep in my step since I never got around to actually taking a sip of that coffee I made at 6:40 a.m.

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