What’s In Your Wallet?

Things adults put in wallets: driver’s license with a weight 15 pounds lighter than reality, a debit card that you have forgotten the PIN number to due to the creation of chip security, a southwest credit card with lots of reward points for that vacation you are going to take “one day” and a bajillion little reward member cards for everything from free bagels to 15% off a new pair of tennis shoes. Things middle school kids put in their wallets: Big Swigg stamp cards for 44 oz of Mountain Dew and Genta Dollars. The essentials. Obviously. Today a student came up to me, smoothly busted out his wallet as if he was going to hand me a business card or something, pulled out a dollar very sharply as if he was a high roller in a casino, snapped his neck a little and said, “that’s for the pencil.” He then confidently walked over to my pencil store, bought one, and went to work like a boss. Boom! I love when kids attempt to act like adults and it actually works! Want more information on these epic dollars and the reward system behind it? Check out my book Game Changers! 20 Ideas that will revolutionize your classroom!