My Beverage of Choice is Applesauce.

Straight up, teacher’s don’t have time to eat. Seriously. When was the last time you packed a lunch with full intentions of actually getting nutrients at noon, only to realize the same lunch you packed at the beginning of the week is still sitting in the workroom fridge on Friday? (This week is your answer) Most of us resort to some sort of bar because they are great as you call parents, grade, and solve all world problems. My bar of choice is RxBars. HIGHLY recommend them. Sometimes I don’t even have time for these treats. Sometimes I have to just go for drinking…. Applesauce. I literally keep a jug of all natural pressed apples in my mini fridge. (I’m a science teacher, totally justified to have a mini fridge in my room. You know, for all my science stuff. And applesauce.) I try to be sneaky about taking a swig of sauce in between science lessons. I realized this week, maybe I’m not as sly as I thought. A student brought me a mini jar as an early birthday present. He is a month early, but I’ll take it. I laughed and then got self-conscious. “Thanks, dude! This is AWESOME. How did you know I love applesauce?” I asked curiously. “I see you drink it all the time. You know, from the fridge behind your desk. You take a sip between activities.” Busted! Do you sneak snacks when monsters start growling in your stomach?