Why Collecting Papers Should be an Olympic Sport

Any student who has ever been in my class LOVES paper turn in day. Any teacher who has ever seen me present knows why. Because I turn paper collecting into a full Olympic activity. Gone are the days of turn in bins. Forget passing papers forward. Goodbye to have a student collect homework. My friends, it is time to turn the art of gathering assignments into a motivational activity that I call the paper collection race! I stretch. Then I sprint! Literally avoiding obstacles, binders, and anything else in my way, I run around my classroom to collect work of 28 students in under 13 seconds. Biggest time saver ever. I also mentally and visually track who is actually turning in work as I run. (Teachers know how to multitask with the best of them) Here is a screen shot of a video of me mid sprint. Don’t worry an actual video is coming soon! Stay Tuned!  Got a great way to collect papers? I want to hear about it!

Read the specifics of my sprinting event in Game Changers.