The New Trend in Education: Knee Scooters

Do you remember when the cool, trendy thing was getting injured so you could design your crutches? Special wash cloths wrapped around the arm pit holders, colorful duct tape with crazy designs covering every square inch, and then lots of awkward hopping. Whenever another student got crutches I couldn’t wait to see their new trophies under both arms. My favorite is when kids would just drag the other leg behind them. It reminds me of a scene from the classic film, Romy and Michele’s High School reunion.

But gone are the days of crutches, my friends. There is a new cool kid on the block by the name of Knee Scooter. Knee Scooters are like a bad*ss skateboard for your non-injured leg. They have full handlebars and even breaks just like a bicycle. They have made broken leg bones so cool!

Exhibit A:

I mean look at the excitement in her face. She is so excited that she will be non-weight bearing for 6-8 weeks! She is thrilled to be knee-scootering through busy hallways of 800 students for the next few months. She is a champion and it’s all because of the amazing street cred her peers are giving her because of the Knee Scooter. Knooter. Maybe I’m going to make that  a thing, let’s call them Knooters from here forward.

Exhibit B:

Click the screen shot to play!

I borrowed a Knooter from a student so I could take it for a spin, literally. I couldn’t even handle the amount of fun that transpired. It was epic! The ease of use allowed me to pick up some serious speed as the wind from the hallway flowed through my hair. It almost made me want to go jump off the stage in the gym so I could sprain my ankle and get one for my self. Almost….

I kid you not, in between clips of this video I passed two other students on Knooters. In the matter of minutes, I witnessed multiple other kids in all their injured glory. We high fived each other with confidence as we could relate to each other’s social status since we were in the Knooter club together.

Is this phenomena sweeping through your school? I’d love to hear about it. Connect with me on social media and share your favorite knee scooter story!