Holiday Spirit Week

The week before Winter Break…. The time when kids are on their best behavior, they are turning in all assignments on time, they are respectful and kind to teachers, and everything is peaceful in the world.

Whoa. Nope. Just kidding.

Because the week before break is actually more like one big, chaotic frenzy my 1st hour family decided to add a little fuel to the fire and amp it up with a spirit week!

After a brief brainstorming session here are the ideas they came up with:


Pretty fun, right??

When a spirit week is declared, I am the first person to jump on board.

Here is a preview into what I’ll be decked out in for the next four days…


Why wear an ugly Christmas sweater when you can wear a t-shirt that is actually screen printed to LOOK like an ugly Christmas sweater. I feel like that is extra tacky, right? I’m also wearing “green sleeves” on my head. See what I did there?? No but seriously, that is a sleeve on my forehead. And it’s green. I feel like I’m nailing this one!


I decided to go low-key this day. Really, really subtle is what I’m going for. I didn’t want anything over the top. Just a little green and red here and there…. Note that those are red Adidas swishy shorts from 1992. And I may or may not have cut off cuffs from a red, plaid, button down. Again, wanted to be real low-key.


I LOVE fun socks. Like so much! This was a pretty hard choice for me. I could not decide between the polar bears wearing scarves and the holly socks. I decided to go ahead and just pull a true middle school classic and wear one of each. It’s a little edgy and I like it. And for the record my shirt for the day will feature a Gingerbread man who has a broken leg and in a speech bubble it says, “Oh Snap.”


This may seem like a cop-out. I am not dressed up as Santa, Rudolf, or a Gingerbread. But I found this shirt at H&M and I simply had to wear it this week. A holiday pun with a little swag, yes please! I feel like it is a perfect way to end the week. The sweatband is an essential accessory for a little extra touch of that swag.

Happy spirit week, friends! Go out and look AWESOME!