Teacher Dress Code: Grandma Sweaters

Why is it socially appropriate for teachers to wear the same sweaters that little old ladies who are 78 wear? Because they are AWESOME. Both the teacher and the sweater that is… When you educate the youth of America you get a free pass in not always being stylish. Although the hot new thing is wearing custom, cute teacher t-shirts with a sweater over it or a stylish flashy necklace. The Wright Stuff Chics have perfected the art of this look!  (Seriously, check out some of their epic designs.) I love sweaters. Not because I prefer to look older than my edge, but because I’m always freezing. I do have the circulation of somebody who has taught for 40 years. The Gap was running a cardigan sale this week. That’s like music to my ears! I snatched up a gray cardi so fast then took it to my local embroidery shop. They did a custom block “M” on this sweater so I can be both stylish and school spirited, supporting Mattoon. And I can be warm while consuming copious amounts of cough drops. Just like grandmas. Now all I need is a space heater and an episode of wheel of fortune!